Co-curricular activities

At EF Academy Pasadena, learning happens everywhere: in class, around campus and within the greater Los Angeles County. Co-curricular clubs and activities complement in-class learning and teach students how to work together and draw on their experiences to solve problems.


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Intramural sports

Expand your horizons

Students at EF Academy learn by doing. The stimulating co-curricular program at our high school encourages students to apply and expand their knowledge with fun, interactive hands-on activities.


After school clubs are an essential part of the high school experience and the place where many friendships and skills are developed. Our full club schedule means you can take part in a different activity every day of the week, or even start your own club to leave your mark.

Off-Campus Experiences

Our attractive location near Los Angeles presents boundless learning opportunities. Make the most of high school in California by joining school-organized excursions to nearby museums, universities, outdoor attractions and more.

Sports and athletics

With our superb sports facilities and proximity to the sea and mountains, students at EF Academy Pasadena benefit from a wealth of athletic opportunities. Our Activities Coordinators organize intramural sports on and off campus to help you lead an active lifestyle.

On campus







Table tennis

Off campus


Mountain biking





Other co-curricular opportunities

Service learning

Community engagement is built into the curriculum at EF Academy Pasadena. Our Global Leadership program, built upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focuses on project-based learning and developing leadership and collaborative skills.

Internships and practical experience

Internships during high school demonstrate dedication and ambition in university applications. Our staff encourage students to seek practical work experience during school breaks to and gain real world experience to prepare them for university and their future careers.

Your pathway to a global future

Each co-curriclar activity belongs to a pathway that teaches a valuable skillset for prospering in a globalized, 21st-century future. Activities are carefully planned to be fun and engaging while delivering tangible learning outcomes that prepare students for university and their future careers, whatever they may be.

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FAQ - Co-curricular

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about co-curricular activities at EF Academy Pasadena