Co-curricular activities

The Activities Coordinator and our teachers are committed to offering students opportunities to learn and grow outside class. We offer a range of clubs to cover almost every interest, and some are student-led. Weekly activities and weekend excursions mean that you will have plenty of opportunities to draw inspiration and to develop, perhaps even find, your talents.


clubs and activities



Expand your horizons

Experiential learning is about learning through doing. The stimulating co-curricular program at our international high school encourages students to apply and expand their knowledge with fun, interactive hands-on activities.


In our science, technology, engineering and mathematics program you will learn to code, tinker with robotics, compete in math competitions and activate your imagination.


Score goals, challenge your friends to a race or lead your varsity sports team to victory on the court, field or track at EF Academy.

Volunteering & Leadership

Help others in the community surrounding your high school or take on a leadership role in Student Council to support and empower your classmates.


In our business-themed clubs and activities, you can use what you learn in class to solve problems, lead a project or turn an idea into reality.

Theater, Music and Arts

Create your own artwork and display it in the halls of our boarding schools, or find inspiration at the exhibitions, plays and performances in the city.


Join your teachers and classmates on exciting trips to London where you can experience the best of your host country’s culture.


After school clubs are an essential part of the international boarding school experience and the place where many friendships and skills are developed. Our full club schedule means you can take part in a different activity every day of the week, or even start your own club to leave your mark.

Excursions and field trips

Throughout the school year, you will have the opportunity to visit museums, theaters and galleries in Oxford, as well as the Begbroke Science Park and the Mini BMW works. With London being so close, students regularly visit the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the British Museum.

*Due to COVID-19, our thoroughly revised health protocols mean school days look a little different now. Download our UK Health Protocol to learn more.

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