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Transform your high school education at an international boarding school abroad or in UK

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International Boarding Schools

With boarding school campuses in the US and the UK, EF Academy opens a world of opportunities for high school students by providing them with a superior education abroad, thorough preparation for university and a future that knows no borders.

Our experiential learning philosophy is rooted in the belief that students learn better through immersion and hands-on activities that encourage inquiry and self-reflection. Together, our community of experienced international educators, guidance counsellors, university advisors and residential staff create an inclusive, stimulating high school experience in a modern campus environment.




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What we offer at our international boarding schools

World-class academics

Gain access to the world's top universities with a reputable boarding school qualification from one of our international boarding schools. We offer the US High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and British A-Level programs because of their robust academic curricula, range of subject options and quality preparation for pursuing further studies at university.

Personalized university advising is built into every program at our boarding schools to prepare students for success in the next big step in their lives. One-to-one meetings with a designated university advisor, application workshops, test preparation and interview coaching are part of what set EF Academy graduates apart when applying to university.

An inclusive boarding school campus

Living and learning at an international boarding school abroad lets you discover not only the culture of the country in which you live, but also that of your international peers. Our welcoming campus community with highly trained faculty and staff provides students with a safe environment in which to broaden their horizons, gain independence and become confident, globally-minded citizens.

  • Modern halls of residence

  • Spacious learning and recreational spaces

  • Student support network on campus and in your home country

Enriching clubs and activities

Through our program of co-curricular clubs and activities, students at EF Academy can pursue their passions and explore new interests while at boarding school. From sports to STEM, the arts and community service opportunities, there's never a shortage of hands-on activities that engage with learning beyond the classroom.

  • 120+ clubs and activities

  • On-campus sports facilities

  • Weekly excursions and field trips

The benefits of an international
boarding school education

Unlock your potential at a boarding school that unites quality academics, co-curricular learning opportunities and personalized university guidance in a truly international campus environment.

Boarding school experiences
at EF Academy

FAQ on International Boarding schools

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our international boarding schools abroad.