Opening the world through education

EF Academy Private Day and Boarding Schools opens a world of opportunities for students by providing them with a transformational education, thorough preparation for university and a future that knows no borders.

50+ years of immersive, intercultural learning

When Bertil Hult founded EF in 1965, he believed that immersive experiences are essential to the deepest learning. Today, as part of EF, "learning by doing" sits at the heart of our modern EF Academy education. Since day one, we've provided students from around the world with the opportunity to grow into confident, resilient, life-long learners ready for a global future.

Our philosophy

We believe that living and learning in a global community helps make the world a better place. Through individual and collective learning, we empower young people from all nationalities and backgrounds to realize their full potential, become open-minded individuals and make a positive impact in their communities and in the world.

Our place

Our curriculums are fueled by creativity, innovation and choice. Our campuses are strategically set in New York, Pasadena, and the academic heart of the UK because they offer boundless learning and professional opportunities for our students to explore. As part of EF, we maintain an integrated global support system for our families with 17 local offices around the world.

Our people

Our people are what make our community so special. In fact, we've come to think that "EF" also stands for "extended family". We are passionate, interculturally trained educators with vast experience who speak 20 languages between us. We are our students' 360 support away from home, a responsibility that we hold to the highest level.

The transformational high school experience at EF Academy

Live on campus and learn with friends from 60+ countries

An inclusive, vibrant community filled with students from all over the world, right here in the US. Diversity is our common ground. Discover new perspectives, develop essential life skills and grow into a self-reliant, independent person in the safety of a protected campus environment.

Learn in a modern way

Excel personally and academically in an environment that bridges theory with practice and combines class instruction with abundant enrichment activities.

Our program offerings make it possible for students to learn in the way that works best for them, and our faculty provide ample opportunities to solidify what is taught in class with on-hands, co-curricular activities. This encourages students to make meaningful connections between and beyond their classes, and to let their individual curiosity guide their academic discovery.

Get personalized support every step of the way

Our small class sizes, unique guidance system of dedicated University and Academic Advisors, and strong support system of faculty and staff ensure families are always supported on campus and at home.

Whether you have clear aspirations or need guidance to define your goals, our devoted community is here to make sure you stay on track with your program, enjoy your courses and grow into a confident, independent learner. Everyone at EF Academy is dedicated to your success.

Graduate ready to succeed at universities worldwide

Stand out with a strong academic background and thorough personalized university preparation from seasoned advisors with over 50 years of combined experience.

One global community –
A world of opportunity

Join over 4,500 alumni who have graduated from EF Academy and gone on to achieve university and career success. Reunions, exclusive events and lifelong guidance – belonging to a global network provides invaluable opportunities.

A global school with local reach

Benefit from local support wherever you are. Our offices and campuses around the world provide new and existing families with a point of contact.


Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our international boarding schools.