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EF Academy Student Profile

Educating Learners, Leaders, Scholars and Global Citizens to fulfill our school mission and vision

There are various ways to describe a good student. Some common expressions are hardworking, submitting work on time, actively participating in class and achieving high grades. But what about those who are compassionate, selfless, putting others first, and empathetic?

You could also argue that an ideal student is someone who spends their time supporting other students and works to make a difference in their school. We have compiled a formula that includes all these qualities and more to represent the epitome of a good student, the EF Academy Student Profile.

Defining the qualities of a good student

Students are accepted to EF Academy based on the ideals of the EF Academy Student Profile. There are four traits of the EF Academy Student Profile: Learners, Leaders, Scholars and Global Citizens. Each trait forms an essential part of what we believe makes a well-rounded citizen prepared to thrive in a globalized, multicultural world.

Download our Student Profile PDF by clicking on the image below.

While we are an IB World School, this profile differs from the IB Learner Profile. “It’s aligned with the IB Learner Profile’s values, but it’s unique to us,” says Andrea Houser, Director of US Admissions and one of the heads of this project; “We wanted to create something that encompasses the ideals of all our students, beyond just the IB Candidates, and leaves a lasting impression on their lives.” The EF Academy Student Profile was created to connect the school’s mission: “Open the world through education,” and our vision: “Foster true global citizenship through our multicultural learning community.”

“The student profile was developed collaboratively with input from teachers, students and administrators,” says Matt Sipple, Deputy Head of School for Academics at EF Academy New York and another head of this project. “Much of it was adapted from EF Academy’s guiding statements, definition of international mindedness and our definition of learning.”

To show our appreciation of our students internalizing these ideals, we give awards to those students who represent each aspect of the profile. These awards are given to our seniors as Profile of a Graduate awards at graduation and again to the underclassman at their end-of-year awards ceremony. To determine the winners of these awards, faculty members, staff and students are surveyed and asked to recommend a student for the award while also providing quotes on why that student deserves to be awarded the title.

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